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Vista Pacifico Hotel
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Rooms from $57 - $159/night for 2 people.

Vista Pacifico Gardens

Consider our accommodation for your
Honeymoon, Destination Wedding, Elopement or Renewal of Vows Guests.

For Weddings Venues in the Area: Our hotel is in the north end of Jaco,
we are only 7 minutes from the Marriott and 15 minutes from Hotel Villa Caletas.

Wedding Groups
General Information about getting married in Costa Rica

Wedding RingThe hotel has had many wedding groups stay with us. The actual marriage ceremonies were held at other venues but we have provided accommodations, tours, arranged transportation and booked rental cars, and provided referrals to wedding planners and lawyers for many many couples planning their wedding in Costa Rica. We are only a short distance from some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Costa Rica: Hotel Villas Caletas (pictured below to the right), the Marriott at Los Suenos, and Pura Vida Gardens (pictured at the bottom). As well there are local churches that couples have chosen for their wedding. ( Pictured to the left below is a wedding group at the hotel from the UK & Switzerland.)

Wedding GroupWe can accommodate up to 24 guests for a wedding. If the wedding group is larger you may need to book some of your guests at other hotels or at the wedding venue hotel. During High Season, when the hotel is booked by a large group for a wedding, we require a minimum stay (please inquire for more information on minimum stays).

Wedding guests find there is much to do and discover in our area and frequently extend their stay with us and make the wedding trip into a holiday as well.

We can also suggest wedding planners to help you with your plans and an English speaking lawyer.
The three wedding groups pictured on this page booked at Hotel Vista Pacifico.

The three wedding groups pictured on this page booked at Hotel Vista Pacifico.

Information for getting married in Costa Rica

Eamons WeddingThe following is a list of requirements for civil marriage of non-residents in Costa Rica. They have been prepared them in a question & answer format:

What ID is required?
Costa Rica requires a valid passport for foreigners who want to marry here. A Birth Certificate is not required since a sworn statement attesting to your date and place of birth covers that requirement.

Do any documents need to be certified / notarized by a CR consulate before they are sent?
You will not need to bring any certified or notarized legal documents since all your data will be included in a sworn statement which you both sign the day of the wedding. This avoids you having to certify documents at a Costa Rican Consulate, and will save you time and money.

How far in advance must the information be sent?
Requisite information is best sent to the lawyer as early as possible. If data is complete, accurate and sent along with complete passport scans, 10 days before the ceremony date is normally sufficient.

Two (2) people are required to bear witness.

How long do they need to be in Costa Rica to get married?
No minimum stay in Costa Rica is required for a valid marriage.

What is needed if you have previously been divorced?
Copies of previous divorces are not required since the sworn statement will attest to when, where and from whom you are divorced. All you need to do is send the date, place, name of court that decreed the divorce, and full name of ex-spouse, so that it can be included it in the sworn statement.

Jay's Wedding

Casual Wedding and Lunch at Pura Vida Gardens

How do people get the marriage certificate and how long does it take?
The Certificate of Marriage takes about 3 (three) months to process. It is slow due to the sluggishness of the Costa Rican Civil Registry system, which takes roughly 11 (eleven) weeks to register the marriage in its books. This is a requisite for a marriage to be recognized abroad.
A Rush Option is available for an additional fee, making the Certificate available in approximately 10-12 business days. But even going the regular route you know the Certificate of Marriage is on its way. The lawyer or wedding co-ordinator will keep you updated on the paperwork so you know exactly when the document is sent.


Getting married in Costa Rica is really quite simple but you should consult a Costa Rican lawyer before you make plans and before you and your guests book air flights.

Lit Building

An Elopement Story
from Hotel Vista Pacifico, Jaco, Costa Rica

A couple from Nova Scotia, Canada booked to stay with us during October and in the weeks leading up to their arrival they decided to secretly get married at our hotel while on their two week Costa Rican Vacation.

When they wrote to ask us for help with wedding arrangements we referred them to our English speaking lawyer, Rodolfo, to discuss their up coming wedding (in Costa Rica, lawyers can perform civil marriage ceremonies). Copies of their documents were sent to the lawyer and the required papers for the wedding were arranged by him in Costa Rica.

The bride and groom brought their special wedding clothes and the rings with them from Canada and we helped them arrange for the champagne, flowers, music and cake for their wedding.

AmapolaThe evening wedding ("boda" in Spanish) was attended by the wedding couple, Evelyn and Rick, and as witnesses Jan and Greg (owners of Vista Pacifico Hotel), the lawyer, Rodolfo, and his wife Isabella, as well as our neighbour, "Dona" Cecilia, who is Rodolfo's friend. Given the intimate little group, the ceremony was held in the Hotel's Rancho, lit by candles and decorated with flowers and rose petals. The effect was quite beautiful.

Unlike other weddings, the entire ceremony was conducted at the hotel with the Bride and Groom and Witnesses seated at tables with classical music playing in the background. Rodolfo gave his best wishes and greetings and after pronouncing the legal part of the ceremony in English. asked Jan and Greg to each read a passage from "The Profit" written by Lebanese writer Kahil Gibran. The bride & groom knew the passage and were very pleased with Rodolfo's choice of reading.

Documents were signed, the rings were exchanged and the lovely couple were married. There were toasts with champagne and a delicious cake decorated with rose petals.

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